Vladimir Gorelik

  Was born on July 8, 1940 in Dnepropetrovsk.

  He is the Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, chief research fellow of G.S. Landsberg Optical Department at Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (LPI RAS)

  In 1965 he graduated from the Department of Radiophysics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a degree in Optics and Spectroscopy. From 1965 to the present time he has been working at G.S. Landsberg Optical Department at Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, being the chief research fellow of this institute. 

  In 1970 Vladimir Semenovich defended his thesis on the subject "Studies of Dynamics of Crystal Lattices by the Method of Raman Scattering Laser Spectroscopy"; in 1980 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the subject: "Investigation of the Coupled and Continual Vibrational States of Dielectric Crystals by Raman Scattering Method".

  From 1980 to the present time he has been working part-time at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. As a Professor of the Department of Physics, Vladimir Semenovich lectures on special courses: "Tensor Analysis and Group Methods" and "Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopy".

  Vladimir S. Gorelik's scientific and practical activity is related to experimental and theoretical studies of the regularities of Raman scattering phenomenon and its analogs in condensed media. He has done fundamental studies of spontaneous Raman scattering in crystals of diamond, silicon, gallium arsenide, lithium niobate, etc. These studies have made it possible to optimize the processes of growing artificial diamonds and synthesize practically important crystals with a controlled content of impurities and defects.

  Thanks to the research of the scientist, the effects of  crystal lattices softening and anomalous increase in spectral intensity of Raman scattering near the points of structural phase transitions have been discovered. The research resulted in developing a general theory of phase transitions in materials exhibiting unique properties: ferroelectrics, ferroelastics, magnetoelectrics, and superconductors.

  Moreover, Vladimir Semenovich fundamentally studied stimulated Raman scattering in single crystals, crystalline powders and liquids and identified characteristic features of stimulated Raman scattering processes during excitation by nanosecond and picosecond laser pulses. Based on the phenomenon of stimulated Raman scattering in water and other liquids, effective laser radiation converters have been developed in the infrared and ultraviolet ranges.

  In recent years, Vladimir S. Gorelik actively works in the field of photonic crystals studies, focusing on generating new types of photonic crystals. They appear to be promising for the use of selective laser mirrors and light filters, high-sensitivity detectors of molecular compounds, and nonlinear-optical laser radiation frequency converters.

  Vladimir Semenovich took an active part as the chairman of the program committee in organizing the conferences "Irreversible Processes in Nature and Technology", regularly held at BMSTU. For many years he was responsible for organizing the conferences on Raman scattering and its applications. Currently he is a co-chairman of the jubilee conference "Raman Scattering  - 90 Years of Research".

  Vladimir Semenovich is a member of the editorial board of the journal "Herald of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Series Natural Sciences". He is also is a member of the Dissertation Council on Optics and the Dissertation Council on Laser Physics.

  The scientist has 331 Web of Science publications, which are available at http: www.researcherid.com/ rid / M-3463-2015, and 363 Scopus publications ; he has six monographs published, as well as ten author's certificates for inventions.

  He is an expert of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and the Russian Science Foundation (RSF).

  The results of his scientific activity are available at: http / www.researcherid.com/ rid / M-3463-2015 and http://pirt.info.