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  The departments of Physics and Mathematics establish the academic basis of the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The world-famous scientists worked there, such as Pafnuty Chebyshev, a mathematician and engineer; Nikolay Zhukovskiy, an engineer; Dmitriy Mendeleev, a scientist and encyclopedist; Sergey Chaplygin, a mathematician and engineer; Pyotr Lebedev, a physicist and experimentalist; Petr Lazarev, a physicist and biophysicist; Sergey Vavilov, a physicist, and many others.

  The Faculty of Fundamental Sciences is currently the largest division of the University. It consists of the following departments: the Department of Theoretical Mechanics named after Professor Nikolay Zhukovskiy, four Departments of Mathematics, the Department of Physics, the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronics.

  The Faculty of Fundamental Sciences lays the educational foundation for future specialties of BMSTU graduates.

  Nowadays, the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences opens new laboratories, does supercomputer calculations, conducts high-precision physical experiments, and develops international scientific projects.




·    Physics

·    Chemistry

·    Theoretical Mechanics

·    Higher Mathematics

·    Applied Mathematics

·    Mathematical Simulation

·    Calculus Mathematics and Mathematical Physics

·    Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronics




  There are some leading scientific schools originating from the researches of such outstanding Russian scientists as: a mathematician and engineer Pavel Yu. Chebotarev, a scientist and encyclopedist Dmitriy I. Mendeleev, an engineer Nikolay E. Zhukovskiy, a mathematician and engineer Sergey A. Chaplygin, a physicist and experimenter Pyotr N. Lebedev, a physicist and biophysicist Petr P. Lazarev, a physicist Sergey I. Vavilov and many others. In 1964, the departments formed the foundation of the General Engineering Faculty, which was later reorganized into the Faculty of Fundamental Science.

  The Faculty of Fundamental Sciences comprised eight departments including the Departments of Higher Mathematics, Physics, Theoretical Mechanics, Theory of Mechanisms, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Equipment. The traditions of these departments along with the scientific and teaching experience are supported by brilliant scientists and lecturers. Our University and the Russian higher-school engineering community are proud of them. These are some of them: Nikolay E. Zhukovskiy, Dmitriy. U. Panov, Mikhail A. Saverin, Maria S. Krasinskaya, Christofor A. Arustamov,  Adolph-Andrei P. Yushkevich, Vitaliy A. Gavrilenko, Petr P. Lazarev, Fjodor K. Gerke. The Faculty comprises the departments, the historical development of which began in the times when a teaching method (later called “the Russian method of apprenticeship”) was only being conceived at the University. The method combines both deep theoretical knowledge and excellent practical training of future engineers.

  In 1992 the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences launched its own graduation programs. The Departments of Mathematics started training students for getting a specialist’s degree in applied mathematics.

  In 2000 the Faculty initiated programs leading to a bachelor’s degree in technical physics.

  Since 2014 students have been taught to get a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science.

 Our graduates qualified in applied mathematics and technical physics have shown an excellent performance in the Russian Academy of Sciences, keep doing their research, and work in Germany, France, and other countries.

  Over 400 full-time students study at the Faculty nowadays.



Contact Details


  The Faculty of Fundamental Science

  Educational & Laboratory Building of BMSTU

  2/18, Rubtsovskaya nab., Moscow, 105005, Russian Federation

  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Tel: +7 (499) 263 61 59

  Fax: +7(499)261 90 36


  A. Kopaev, Deputy Dean (Mathematical training), PhD, Ass. Prof.


  V. Filatov, Deputy Dean (Physical training), PhD, Ass. Prof.


  A. Kayutenko, Deputy Dean (Postgraduate courses)

  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  V. Kauts, Deputy Dean (Research), PhD, Ass. Prof.


  H. Tyannikova, Deputy Dean (International projects), PhD, Ass. Prof.


  D. Dmitriev, Deputy Dean (Employees), PhD, Ass. Prof.




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