Gravitational Wave Research Laboratory


   The laboratory is specializing in theoretical and experimental study into establishing the gravitational wave source and receiver. We develop new methods for  registration of gravitational radiation and perform mathematical modeling of multiple-beam Fabry-Perot, Mach-Zehnder, Michelson interferometers with  mirrors on free weights.

  The major areas of research include gravitation and cosmology, relativistic electrodynamics, multiple-beam interferometry, spectroscopy, nanotechnology, cryogenic and vacuum technology.

  Gravitational Wave Research Laboratory carries out theoretical and experimental research in several departments of the University (at Physics Department, at Photonics Center, at Center for Nanotechnology, at Space Center Bauman University).

  The laboratory is a co-organizer of the  International Meeting «Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory»


Research staff:

 •  Prof.   V. Gladyshev   -   Scopus ReserchGate MathNet WoS adsNASA Elibrary
 •  Prof.  V. Gorelik   -   Scopus ReserchGate WoS MathNet adsNASA Elibrary
 •  Prof.  A. Morozov   -   Scopus MathNet WoS adsNASA Elibrary
 •  Prof.  A. Kirillov   -   Scopus ReserchGate WoS MathNet adsNASA Elibrary
 •  Dr.  V. Lukin   -   Scopus ReserchGate MathNet WoS orcid Elibrary
 •  Dr.  V. Kauts   -   Scopus ReserchGate WoS adsNASA Elibrary
 •  Dr.  I. Fomin   -   Scopus ReserchGate WoS MathNet orcid adsNASA Elibrary
 •  Dr.  V. Filatov   -   Scopus ReserchGate MathNet Elibrary
 •  Dr.  P. Tiunov   -   Scopus adsNASA
 •  A. Esakov   -   Scopus ReserchGate adsNASA Elibrary
 •  I. Golyak   -   Scopus ReserchGate Elibrary
 •  E. Sharandin   -   Scopus ReserchGate MathNet adsNASA Elibrary
 •  D. Portnov   -   Scopus ReserchGate MathNet adsNASA Elibrary



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