Laboratory of Moving Media Electrodynamics



  The laboratory has centered on theoretical and experimental study of non-linear processes of interaction between electromagnetic radiation and moving media and its connection to the reason, which gives rise to anisotropy of relict microwave radiation. The connection can appear in some experiments of optics of moving media which can change orientation in 3D space.

  Investigation results in the field of moving media electrodynamics are presented. The results are connected with problems of interferometric detection of gravitational waves, first attempts of optical detection of anisotropy for space-time continuum and up to the idea of creating a time machine in the anisotropic space.


  The laboratory is the organizer of the  International Meeting «Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory»


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Research staff:

  • Prof. V.Gorelik

  • Dr. V.Kauts

  • Dr. I.Fomin

  • Dr. V.Filatov

  • Dr. P.Tiunov

  • E.Sharandin

  • D.Portnov

  • D.Bazleva





Photogallery Laboratory of Moving Media Electrodynamics