Youth Summer School

Photos from International School on Gravity, Cosmology and Astrophysics

Summer 2019




Prof. Vladislav Ivanovich Pustovoit (chairman)


Prof. Vladimir Olegovich Gladyshev





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July 1 

9.30-10.00: Summer School Opening Ceremony


10.00-11.35 : Peter Rowlands - Gravity: Local or Nonlocal

11.35-12.00 : Coffee break

12.00-13.35: Aroonkumar Beesham...


   The school is conducted by the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences, Bauman Moscow State Technical University

    The program is designed for enthusiastic senior students majoring in theoretical physics. The working languages of the school are Russian and English.

    One of the main goals of the school is to attract talented Russian young students to the research in the field of fundamental physics, introducing them to the main problems, ideas and methods of studying the modern theory of gravity and cosmology.

    Dates: July 3, 2019 - July 7, 2023.

    Venue: Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia.