At the end of each module 1,2,3-year students take a test according to the...


Learning materials

The teachers of the "SM" panel of the L-3 department give English classes to students, postgraduates and external PhD students of the SM (Mechanical Engineering) faculty...



Requirements for the exam:
Students of all the departments of the "SM" faculty have to take the English exam at the end of the 6th term (3rd year).

Test Papers

Three tests are carried out in each semester:

I and II courses- 5th, 10th and 14th week

III course for bachelors – 5th, 10th and 15th week

III course, the sixth semester – 7th and 14th week +exam

IV course, specialists – 7th and 14th week +exam

Training variants.

The study of each module at the 1-3 years of study is completed with writing a final test in accordance with the table below:


 In years 1-3, study includes written tests taken after each module as per table below...



  Examination in English is held in the 6th term (3rd year) for all departments of RC Faculty.

English Language Training is delivered to students in their first, second, third and fourth years of study in accord with the program of studies developed by Chair “Linguistics 3”.

The program for first- and second-year students is centered around the textbook of English for technical universities by I.V.Orlovskaya,A.I.Skubriyeva,L.S.Samsonova.