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Student Scientific Spring: The Evolution of Mechanical Engineering Technologies

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On Friday, April 26, at the Department of L3, the conference "Student Scientific Spring" was held. It was dedicated to the Evolution of Mechanical Engineering Technologies.


According to the conference scenario, the participants told the viewers about the past, present and future of mechanical engineering technologies. At first, Alexey Smekhunov and Sergey Churikov (students of RK6-63) presented the information about 3D printing technology in mechanical engineering, then Pavel Karasev and Vitaly Kolevatov (SM7-62) told about the development of robotic systems. Next, the students of  SM6-41 group - Irina Volokitina and Daniil Dulcev -  explained how these technologies have been applied in students’ life. During the next report the students learned about the past, present and future of private space exploration on the example of the American company SpaceX. Daniil Urakov (student E3-62) told them about it. Next, the students of the group E4-41B Egor Bedov and Nikita Kuptsov told about the history of the most vital invention - the OVK. Elena Isaeva and Maria Prokhorova, students of SM12-61, acquainted everyone with aircraft construction and proved that this is the greatest breakthrough in science and technology. Leonid Kartushin (MT11-63B) continued to acquaint the audience with mechanical engineering technology, talking about the evolution of capacitors.

After the performance of our students, our guests presented their reports - cadets of the Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces. Yevgeny  Gerasimov and Yevgeny Veselov made a report on the topic: "Autonomous Power Supply Systems of Missile Complexes". Daniil Vasechkin spoke about the laser technologies in modern engineering. Ilya Dolgov presented a report: "Achievements of National Missile Industry since the Second World War".

At the end of the conference, a few kind words addressed to the participants and organizers were told by the deputy of the Head of L3 Department Tatiana Dmitrievna Margaryan. She thanked the participants and their leaders – the teachers of  L3 department M. V. Moiseev, L. V. Kapranova, N. E. Onishchenko, O. M. Losev, O.A. Zaspa, A.V. Shashmuriu and E.V. E.V. Syrykh, Abramova, and also the associate professor of the department of foreign and Russian languages ​​of the Military Academy of Missile Forces, for the excellent preparation of students for performance. All participants were awarded certificates.

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