Eleven students of the College of Foreign Languages of Taiyuan University of Technology have come to BMSTU to do a training course in Russian and English studies starting March 1st through July 5th at the Faculty of Linguistics.


  The internship curriculum includes 360 academic hours of training in the following subjects:


1.     Phonetics

2.     Grammar

3.     Newspaper Reading & Discussion

4.     Speaking

5.     Russian for Academic Purposes 


6.     Speaking 

7.     Business English


In the photo: A meeting in the Dean’s office at Bauman University Linguistics Department.


  In 2016, Professor Huang Qing, President of Taiyuan University of Technology and Vice-Rector of BMSTU Sergey V. Korshunov signed an agreement on cooperation between our universities. So, the internship program for students of the College of Foreign Languagesof Taiyuan University at the Faculty of Linguistics at BMSTU will further contribute to the strengthening of our ties..