Galina D. Burtaeva


Senior lecturer, L2 Department, Linguistics Faculty


Graduated from the faculty of foreign languages of the pedagogical Institute in Samara.

She received the second higher education and graduated from the faculty of defectology, Moscow pedagogical Institute.


Burtaeva G. D. works at Bauman University since 1986. For several years she taught German and English to students of all courses of the faculty of RL. Last 20 years she mainly conducts classes in English in groups of students with hearing impairment: deaf and hard of hearing. Burtaeva G. D. made presentations and wrote articles devoted to the peculiarities of teaching English to these students. A few years ago it was published by her a textbook in English for the third-year students of the Center on Deafness. In 2015 a textbook for the first-year students of the Center of deafness not previously studied English at school (introductory course) was written.


For many years of fruitful and dedicated work Burtaeva G. D. was awarded with letters of gratitude from the leadership of the University aw well as an honorary diploma from the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation.