Natalja N. Nikolaeva

Ph.D. in Linguistics, associate professor 




Received her Ph.D. from Linguistic Institute of the Russian Academy of Science. Her primary interests are in (bio)cognitive linguistics, socio-and- psycholinguistics, gender studies, discourse and political researches, translation and interpretation as well as second language acquisition and foreign language pedagogy, methodology, and psychology.

Currently her research focuses on issues concerning the genesis and development of a professional worldview, international communication, global spread of English and the language's impact in non-native contexts, especially in Russian and Europe. 

She has been teaching English to undergraduate and graduate students of Fundamental Sciences, Radio-Electronics and Laser Technologies, Biotechnical Engineering Departments of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

She delivers lectures and hold seminars for undergraduates at the Department of Linguistics. Her areas of specialization includeEnglish stylistics, translation theory and practice, English lexicology, history of the English language, intercultural communication, and English grammar.

Has developed over 10 experimental courses in ESP.

Has taken part in several international and all-Russia conferences and workshops. Has authored over 60 scientific papers.