Wednesday, 01 December 2021 19:03

Meeting on cooperation between Bauman University and University of Naples Federico II (Italy)

Bauman Moscow State
Technical University






On December 1, 2021, a meeting was hold on the development of international cooperation between Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia, and the University of Naples Federico II, Italy.


The meeting saw presentations on the scientific research of the working groups of Bauman University:


1. Gravitational-Wave Research Laboratory. Group leader – Prof. Andrey Morozov. 

Speaker - Prof. Igor Fomin, Ilya Golyak (download)

2. Theoretical and experimental investigation of the polarizised laser radiation progation in moving dielectric dispersive media. Group leader – Prof. Vladimir Gladyshev.

Speaker - Prof. Vladimir Gladyshev. (download)

3. Division of Laser Technology and Nonlinear Optics. Group leader – Prof. Evgeny Sharandin.

Speaker - Prof. Evgeny Sharandin. (download)

4. Nonlinear Systems Control and Analysis. Group leader – Prof. Alexander Krishchenko.

Speaker - Prof. Alexey Golubev. (download)

5. Spacecraft-collector for large space debris: orbital mechanics and design layout. Group leader – Prof. Georgii Shcheglov.

Speaker - Prof. Dmitriy Grishko (presentation is available on request This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

6. Cubesat Technology Development - BMSTU Heritage. Group leader – Prof. Vera Mayorova.

Speaker - Prof. Dmitriy Rachkin (download).

7. BMSTU Radiometric Systems and Applications. Group leader – Prof. Alexander Gudkov.

Speaker – Prof. Igor Sidorov. (download)

8. Main research trends of the "Informatics, Artificial Intelligence and Control Systems" Faculty. Group leader – Prof. Andrey Proletarsky.

Speakers – Prof. Andrey Proletarsky, Prof. Elena Smirnova. (download)

At the end of the meeting, the closing remarks were made by BMSTU speakers: the Dean of The Faculty of Fundamental Sciences, Prof. Vladimir Gladyshev, the Dean of The Faculty of International Educational Programmes, the Head of The Centre of International Strategic Partnerships, Prof. Alexander Chernikov, the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems, Prof. Andrey Proletarsky and by the speakers from the University of Naples Federico II: the Dean of the Italian Electromagnetics Society (SIEm), Dept of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, Prof. Innocenzo Pinto, Rector’s Delegate for PHD Programs, Prof. Daniele Riccio. Finally, Professor Innocenzo Pinto gave his presentation «Russia & Naples: a Long-Standing Relationship Rooted in and Nurtured by Culture» (download).


It was decided to develop mutual cooperation, including joint international conferences and further meetings.