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15 го января в 15.00 в ауд. 1034л состоится очередной научный семинар кафедры.

Докладчик: Антон Станиславович Ширяев, профессор Норвежского технологического университета

Тема доклада: Case studies in planning and performing dynamic manipulations


Аннотация: Abilities and skills in performing dynamic manipulations by humans appear in course of life-long training and experimentations. As
a result, most of humans can readily manipulate or learn quickly how to manipulate external objects and environments without a firm grip or
without re-grasping for re-orientating or moving. Here one can think of grasping and moving a wet soap when cleaning hands, of controlled
rolling basketball ball on a palm in throwing it to the goal, think of manipulating knife in cutting soft materials etc. We can learn how to
handle various objects or media for the purpose even them can slide or roll being in contact.

The talk is focused on challenging problems in modern robotics with emphasis of the discussion shifted to model-based approaches for
developing some of human-like functionalities for robots. The intentions are examined by developing a solution for performing a
rolling of passive objects (disc) on a robotic hand. Necessary mathematical concepts and arguments for the task are presented.
Importance, relevance and scalability of the reasoning are supported by successful experimental studies on the robot.


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