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EFL specialists WORKSHOPS

Dear colleagues,

You are welcome to participate in workshops presented by EFL specialists.


 Jeffrey Kuhn

Jeff Kuhn is an instructor and instructional designer in the Patton College of Education at Ohio University where he received his PhD in Educational Studies. His PhD work focused on instructional design and the use of classroom technology across educational contexts. He has over ten years experience in the English as a Second/Foreign Language classroom including teaching in Japan and Mongolia. He is a frequent keynote speaker on the use of technology in the foreign language classroom and has worked with educators on instructional design challenges in Brazil, Czech Republic, Peru, and Bolivia. He also publishes and presents on the use of video games for learning, computer assisted language learning (CALL) and second language writing.


 Akiva Weiss, ITMO, St. Petersburg

Akiva Weiss has a decade of experience teaching ESL/EFL, training teachers, and developing curriculum. He has worked in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe at the tertiary level, as well as in U.S. public schools. His current interests include Intercultural Communication, Competency-Based Learning, International Law, American Culture, Academic Writing, Alternative Assessments, and Public Speaking. Akiva holds graduate degrees in Special Education from Western Governor’s University, International Law from Oxford University, and is preparing to defend his doctoral thesis at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Most recently, Akiva has presented his research at Cambridge University, King’s College London, and the APSA conference in San Francisco.



Mr. A. Weiss will talk on inclusive education on November 20th at 2 p.m. in room 402.
Mr. J. Kuhn will talk on blended learning on November 21st at 3 p.m. in room 310.
We look forward to seeing YOU!
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